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Lingerie Care Tips

Laundry Care Tips - Wicked Butterfly

At the Wicked Butterfly, we sell only the highest quality lingerie for your pleasure. Our products are made to seduce, entice, and last for many years. But as with any delicate product you will want to make sure that you take the best care you possibly can of your Wicked Butterfly lingerie. You probably won’t need to wash your lingerie after every use. (It doesn’t stay on long anyhow.) For most of our lingerie the best way to wash is by hand. Never machine wash or dry bras, corsets, or bustiers. You can follow these simple steps to ensure the best care for your Wicked Butterfly delicates.

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May Lingerie Highlight: Pink Lipstick Seamless Sexy Slit Dress


These days, play peek-a-boo with your body is the way to steal the spotlight! That’s why this Pink Lipstick Seamless Sexy Slit dress by Rene Rofe is the perfect show stopper for any party girl!

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Variety is the Spice of Life


Adding a bit of variety to your bedroom shouldn’t be hard or scary. Rather introducing spice for the first time, or an old hand, the goal is to relax and have fun. One of the easiest ways to introduce a little bondage is by using sports sheets. Sports sheets are an easy to manage bondage system, so much easier than wrestling with ropes and chains. Ropes and chains have their place, but sports sheets allows both parties to just relax and enjoy themselves. The bed is one of the very best places for bondage play.  Why? It allows a degree of comfort that can’t be matched on expensive bondage furniture (and…in most cases…you already own one).
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Five Tools Every Woman Needs to Bring Out Her Inner Sex Goddess


Every woman has an inner Sex Goddess that is waiting to come out and play. For some women, they are intimately connected to her and know just how to bring her out. For others of us, we need a little help coaxing that Sex Goddess out. If you are in the latter category and want to get to know that side of yourself, here are the five must haves for your Sex Goddess Toolkit, or SGT:
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Ready For a Wicked Good Time?


A new luxurious place to shop online for Lingerie and Party Novelties has come onto the market & its name is Wicked Butterfly. Wicked Butterfly offers only the highest quality in adult lingerie, party supplies, costumes, games, and more! They carry thousands of items in their store and are constantly adding to their collection for the individuals always looking for a change.
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History 101: BDSM


What does it for you?  What really gets your engine fired up and the juices flowing (believe or not…we mean that it the least sexual way).  For some, it is a soft whisper in the ear, a smooth caress.  Others – a sexy piece of lingerie.  For a few, doing the housework!  For some of our best customers, bondage.

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