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3 Things Men Like But Rarely Talk About


Even though society usually pushes men towards being more straightforward and honest than it does to women, there are still quite a few things men like and try to embrace as being parts of themselves but rarely every talk about, such as:

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Myth Busters – Sex Myths and Facts


Sex! My favorite three-letter word. It is a tough job to find another experience that surpasses the overall sexual experience. If you’re wondering how, our store is a least a step in the right direction! Like every popular and enjoyable human activity, sex is shrouded in myths. I’m sure you will find one below you used to pride yourself for knowing as a fact. Here are some myths that have been debunked by science:

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March Product Spotlight: Sex JumpStart for Couples!


We all fear the monotony of sex when it comes to marriage or long term relationships.  Same partner, same positions, same moves, different day.   The idea of sex becomes more of a choir than anything exciting.  You begin to wonder why?  Why bother?

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