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June Toy Highlight: Coochy

Normally, we use this category to review some of the best of the best sex toys.  This month, we wanted to focus on one of our top selling adult products – Coochy by Classic Erotica.


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Bringing Fire Back To The Bedroom


When we talk about bringing the fire back to the bedroom, what exactly do we mean? Many believe this is a no brainer.  Everybody seeks pleasure!

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Surviving Long Distance – How to Keep it Hot!


Long Distance relationships are hard work. Any relationship takes time, effort and practice. When it’s long distance, all that is a lot harder (for obvious reasons). It’s easy to fight with your perfect match about stupid things. And it’s even easier to forget how much you love one another. Adding some spice can keep you connected and keep the fire burning.

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June Product Highlight: Relationship Help Video


Who says dating is easy?  Yes, the first three months of the “honeymoon phase” is normally full of bliss, adorable moments, and no complaints; however, as the cloud nine begins to make its descent back to reality, the cute mannerisms quickly become annoyances, the adorable qualities need to change, and the fighting begins.

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Tantus Tsunami: A Wave of Pleasure!

I am very excited to be a reviewer for Wicked Butterfly! Just a quick introduction, I am a male blogger and reviewer who has made better sex a priority in my marriage and part of that has been through introducing sex toys into our lives.  I have not had a chance to review anything from Tantus yet so I had a big smile on my face when I saw that Wicked Butterfly had chosen the Tantus Tsunami for my first review! We have used a couple of other dildos in the past, but this is our first one that contained a vibrator insertion in it!

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Self-Pleasure – Stress Relief In Your Hands (Pun Intended)


It isn’t shocking to hear that people are beginning to view masturbation as a normal pleasurable act (instead of a taboo under the covers, lights out, doors locked excursion that it was in the past).

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Meet One of Our Reviewers: A Husband’s Passion


Last week (or maybe the week before) – we invited individuals to share some of their content on our site to help grow their audience.  We are still filtering through the submissions we have received but wanted to put this one out first since it is from one of our very own reviewers – A Husband’s Passion.

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Enjoying my Njoy Pure Plug

Amazing quality, beautifully crafted, perfection in design – just a few ways to describe the heavenly plug known as Njoy Pure.

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Reboot. Playtime after Kids


When couples have kids, most of them lose the time, energy, and the appetite for making love. This should not be the case at all. Like wine, a relationship should get even better with age.

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Best and Worst Dating Tips


Everyone has dating advice to give you (whether you ask for it or not!)  Your mother tells you to only date someone that has a college degree, your father says, “Make sure he can change a tire or he isn’t a real man!”  Your best friend tells you to avoid a man with kids while your sister says you should give everyone a chance.  Aahh!  What is a person to do when they decide to dive into the dating scene?

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