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Wicked Butterfly is a community of like-minded people. We love to laugh, share, shop, share (yes – we said that twice) and support one another.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of adult toy stores on the internet (seriously – Google it.  We’ll wait.  We decided to do it too – as of today there are 5,150,000 so we were WAY off).  Anyway, the point is being one of 5 million (geez), we love the customers/followers that continue to shop with us and follow our social media accounts and blogs to see what we have to say.

With that being said, who wants to just hear us talk?!  Giving our opinions, telling our stories – that’s not what we want.  We want to be a platform for you.  We want you to send us your stories, your reviews, your jokes, your articles, your blogs so we can share them with our community.  Just getting started – let us help you find your voice.

What do we want in return?  Nothing – not a thing.  If you want to be an affiliate, that’s great.  If you want to be a reviewer – that’s cool too BUT we aren’t asking you to do either.  We just want to be another stage where your content can shine.

Just send us what you have (we love pictures too so if you are an artist – send those and we will happily share it!)  Sorry – no pornography or nudity will be posted as this blog is a joint site between Naughty and Nice so we have to keep it fairly clean!


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