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Five Tools Every Woman Needs to Bring Out Her Inner Sex Goddess


Every woman has an inner Sex Goddess that is waiting to come out and play. For some women, they are intimately connected to her and know just how to bring her out. For others of us, we need a little help coaxing that Sex Goddess out. If you are in the latter category and want to get to know that side of yourself, here are the five must haves for your Sex Goddess Toolkit, or SGT:
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Unleash Your Temptress


We LOVE fantasies.  We love hearing about them (which reminds me – we really need to have a contest about that – prize will more than likely be a gift card of $100 or more…stay tuned to that one).  Fantasies allow us to set our inhibitions aside and explore what we have only dreamed.

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Finally…A Reason to LOVE Valentine’s Day!


Looking for ways to make this Valentine’s Day different from all the rest? We know how much you love, flowers, chocolate, dinner, movie, blah, blah, blah. Some traditions you just can’t change but what if you could at least make the end of the night the BEST part of the night. Valentine’s is the perfect time to introduce a few new ideas to your partner. Not sure how to do it? No problem, our products range from introductory levels for our newer customers and go all the way up to items on the more risqué side, involving bondage and other things for our more adventurous couples. Introduce your interest of adding more to the levels of passion in your sex life by dressing up in a costume that will entice your partner! Wicked Butterfly is here to help you explore a completely new and undiscovered side of your sex life.
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