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June Product Highlight: Relationship Help Video


Who says dating is easy?  Yes, the first three months of the “honeymoon phase” is normally full of bliss, adorable moments, and no complaints; however, as the cloud nine begins to make its descent back to reality, the cute mannerisms quickly become annoyances, the adorable qualities need to change, and the fighting begins.

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May Product Spotlight: Multi-Orgasmic Lover


Hockey, football, saying the ABCs backwards, counting, anything to keep your mind off of what is going on in order to get more time – to make it last.  Problem is – none of it seems to be working for you.  People have told you about breathing, the art of Tantra, and yet no matter what – you always seem to cross the finish line before your partner and her frustration is growing increasingly obvious.

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April Product Spotlight: Intimacy Tips from Allana Pratt


Each month, we love spotlighting a product that we believe our customers may find helpful in love, dating, marriage, relationships, or just self-discovery.  Some may have a cost, others are normally free.  This month, we present Coach Allana Pratt.   Read the rest of this entry

March Product Spotlight: Sex JumpStart for Couples!


We all fear the monotony of sex when it comes to marriage or long term relationships.  Same partner, same positions, same moves, different day.   The idea of sex becomes more of a choir than anything exciting.  You begin to wonder why?  Why bother?

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