How To Ask Her Out


There are tons of men who wish to know how to ask a woman out, but usually they just read numerous theories without actual courage to apply it because the possibility of rejection is simply too intimidating for them. Some men still can handle simple rejection; but in some cases, it is followed by humiliation from the other girls or her group. For this one, only a handful of guys can deal with it properly. If you desperately want to know how to ask a woman out, you’ll need to be ONE of these guys; this is one iron rule that you must keep in mind.

Generally there are no trouble-free methods that can ensure you will be 100% accepted since there are way too many factors which you cannot control; even an alpha male is certain to get rejection every once in awhile. You’ll want to learn how to deal with rejection well; remember that there are tons of alternatives available out there.

If you’re planning to ask her out, I assume you’ve known her fairly well or at least you already have a conversation with her. Learn how to realize the signal; if she seems uninterested or her eyes keep checking the nearby area while talking to you, your chance will be pretty slim. Anyway, if she looks bored, I would suggest you move on, yet you may still have small chance, so it’s your call.

On the other hand, if she looks fascinated, keeping her eyes on you, and her body language shows that she loves her time with you, proceed to the next step. Do not waste your breath beating around the bush by say something such as “you know, I have a nice car parked outside and I would really like to know if you interested in joining me on…”; simply ask her out. Use straightforward sentences such as “Would you want to go out this weekend?” or “May I buy you dinner next week?” are sufficient. If you wish to be less “intimidating”, feel free to use something friendlier such as “Want to have a coffee later?”; however, dinner perhaps may be a better choice because it means you are asking her on a date.

While anyone that understand how to ask a woman out may suggest dinner, that is not always the best option. Within your conversation with her, you may get a thing or two that she likes and you can use this to your advantage. If she loves to watch sports games like basketball or baseball, you can ask her to go to the game with you. If she loves watching movie, tell her that you would love to watch -movie title- with her. Simply adapt your invitation with something you’ve learned about her. Remember to make sure that you enjoy the activity too; if you are going to the place half-heartedly, she’ll realize it and you may end up on an unpleasant date.

Learning how to ask a woman out through memorizing numerous clever lines might help, but that most crucial point is your courage to TRULY express what you want without being scared of rejection. It is not necessary to make this even more tricky by studying each and every lines from all those dating gurus, simply use straightforward sentence so she’ll catch what you mean immediately.

By: Alan Robinson

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