3 Things Men Like But Rarely Talk About


Even though society usually pushes men towards being more straightforward and honest than it does to women, there are still quite a few things men like and try to embrace as being parts of themselves but rarely every talk about, such as:

Our feelings

We as men are often pressured by society as a whole, especially by other men, into acting “manly”, which is defined as never showing any feelings as those are defined as being “girly” and “feminine”, not to mention that crying in public could turn out to be one of the biggest embarrassments a guy could ever face.

However, we do have feelings and no matter how much we try to hide them they’d still exist, and the moment we find a significant other we could share those feelings with, or even better, a person who can tell how we’re feeling without having us uttering a single word, we don’t hesitate much; and it either ends as a lesson for life, or a person for life.

Our prohibited sexual preferences

When it comes to our sexual preferences, if they don’t follow society’s stereotypical image of men being both heterosexual and showing dominance towards women (as often depicted in pornography), then we’d get bullied both physically and emotionally.

Even though some men might end up hating their sexual preferences due to society’s response towards them, most of us eventually learn to accept ourselves for who we are; yet, we rarely talk about them.

The idea of taking a backseat every once in a while

Society has always treated men as being far more superior to women, and even though it is quite demeaning to women, men too were hurt by such treatment; and maybe nothing hurt more than having to carry so much weight on our backs that sometimes we barely get to catch a breath.

Whether it’s our wives, our children, our parents as they grow older, or any other members of our families, many of us were overburdened by responsibilities even though we might have been too young or simply too weak to carry them all alone; yet, society’s pressure prevents us from showing that, but none of us can deny that the idea of sharing such burden with someone even for a short while isn’t a huge relief.

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