Feminism and Human Rights

Feminism isn’t about equality, feminism is about human rights.

During arguments, I would usually get classified as a feminist just for standing for women’s rights, I wouldn’t have a problem with that if it weren’t for society’s false image of feminism; society sees feminists as a bunch of closed minded women who are calling for equality because they suffer from self-esteem issues, which is the total opposite of the truth.

I, for one, am a guy who happens to be a feminist, and whoever stands for women rights, whether it be a man or a woman, can’t be closed minded; did it feel right to you when the late Reyhaneh Jabbari got executed for defending herself against a rapist?!

Because that’s what exactly any feminist would have done, stand up for her rights, then you wouldn’t call her closed minded, would you?!

Every woman who stands up for her rights doesn’t suffer from self-esteem issues, on the contrary, she knows her exact self worth, she’s human and she has rights.

Yet the question still remains, what’s there to be done regarding defending women’s rights?

Besides standing up against every injustice you witness a woman facing, whether it be yourself or any other woman, I believe it’s about time we start spreading awareness.

Speak to your friends, your family, and even random strangers you meet anywhere about their rights, that women are humans and deserve to be treated as such.

That no western teenage girl should let a guy flirt with her just because she doesn’t want to be labeled “uncool” by her peers.

That no eastern woman should let a guy verbally or physically harass her simply because she’s living in an ignorant society who’d call her a slut in case she defends her rights.

Know your rights, stand up for them, spread awareness, change the world.

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