First Date Dos and Don’ts


I seem to have anchored euphoria and excitement to the words ‘First Date’. I feel giddy whenever I hear those words, and pictures flood my mind’s eye. Truth be told though, first dates are also subjected to the duality of life; it either turns out good, or becomes to perfect script to a horror flick. Following certain rules and approaches can increase your odds of having a good first date.

Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, we decided to help make your first date a bull’s eye. Let’s start with the what not to do:


Ask her to pay:

Chances are you asked for the date. So forget going ‘dutch’, the payment is on you. Even if she asked for the date, by general standards, payment is still on you. At least for the first date. You don’t want to give her the impression that you are some dead-beat who can’t hold his own.

Spend too much:

It is true that most females, if not all, love some facet of luxury . That does not mean you should roll out the red carpet and spent your entire check on your first date (even if you are rolling in it). No high-end restaurants, chauffeur-driven rides, etc. If you are hoping for a serious relationship, spending too much is counter-productive. Since spending comes with the chase, a smart girl will lock you in the loop, so the spending can continue. Get the gist?

Get too personal:

Unless he/she is a psychotherapist, don’t start dishing out all your life problems. They don’t care, at least not yet. Even if they were a therapist (two for one – score!), you should book a session to get personal, not a date. Definitely not a first date.

Here are some things you definitely should try:


 Mirror and Match:

This is a Neuro Linguistic Programming way of creating rapport; which is very important for a first date. Humans are habitual by default. Everybody follows a pattern, especially with communication. The pattern is what you watch out for; mirror and match them and watch them open up to you. You would want to reflect their body language; pace your breathing with theirs; reflect the tonality and pace of their voice; and use words and phrases they use often. Please note I said ‘mirror and match’ not mimic. You will have to be subtle while doing this. You don’t want to scare them off,  or do you?


Creating rapport is one thing, keeping the conversation going is another. You can maintain a conversation, as long as the other party is interested, just by listening; then asking questions based on what is being said. Listening endears you to your date, showing you are focused on them and consider them important.

Offer some payment:

Unless you’re a queen, when the bill comes, don’t just sit there and expect your ‘subject’ handle the payment, offer something. He will most likely insist on paying, but you should at least offer to pay the tip or foot the taxi bill.

There you go, follow these tips (feel free to experiment with them) and you can be assured of a second date. Good luck.


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