7 Ways to Show You Really Care


Appreciate the person: Thank the person for what they are to you. Notice the small things that they do for you and thank them for it. No one likes to be taken for granted.

Write a letter: Write them a nice letter.  Tell them what you love about them and what they mean to you. Tell them you believe in them and will always be there. They’ll treasure the letter forever and read it when you can’t be around.

Be there for them when they need you:
When they’re sick, or scared or sad – be there to help them out in small practical ways and lighten their burden. Listen, and try to understand. Don’t criticize or lecture- just try and put yourself in their shoes.

Forgive: All relationships have conflict in some form or the other. But don’t hold on to the anger, or bitter feelings. Let go, and forgive. The next time you meet them, treat them like nothing ever happened. And don’t feed any negative feelings- sooner or later it will show in your actions.

Keep in touch: When you’re not with people you care, keep in touch – even if it’s just an SMS or an e- mail. It shows the person that you think of them even when they’re not there and that you really care.

Give a surprise: It could be anything- tickets to a movie they love, or a meal that you cooked yourself. A small gift, when not expected, increases in value.

Spend time with them: This is the best way of all to show a person you care. Spend quality time with the person- talking, doing things together or going for a walk. The more time you spend with a person, the closer you’ll get – and they’ll understand how much you care.

From: Sharon David

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