Myth Busters – Sex Myths and Facts


Sex! My favorite three-letter word. It is a tough job to find another experience that surpasses the overall sexual experience. If you’re wondering how, our store is a least a step in the right direction! Like every popular and enjoyable human activity, sex is shrouded in myths. I’m sure you will find one below you used to pride yourself for knowing as a fact. Here are some myths that have been debunked by science:

1) The bigger the better:

Men and women alike lament over small penises. A whole lot of people relate penis size to sexual satisfaction. I have heard a lot of women complain about their partner’s member, even to the point of breaking up. But the truth is, penis size is only important to a man’s ego than a woman’s orgasm.

A sexual educator at the Kinsey Institute said,”…research consistently finds that sexual satisfaction is more influenced by psychological connection, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction – not just the size or shape of a person’s genitals.”

The clitoris and g-spot, which are majorly responsible for female orgasms, are on the outside and about two inches inside the ‘vajayjay’ respectively. So, what has a big ‘stix’ got to do with it?

2) The first time must hurt:

For me, this is the most popular myth of all. Almost every woman I have discussed this with admits it hurts a lot the first time. The truth is, first time sex only hurts as much as regular sex. I don’t deny it hurts though; I am just saying the pain is not because it was the first time. When a girl is tense and afraid, which is usually the case for first timers, the vaginal muscle contracts making her even tighter. This, coupled with insufficient arousal (lubrication), and a rough attempt could possibly lead to abrasions and tearing which is painful. Put it this way, woman have to get their “annual violation” to check for cervical cancer and ensure everything is in working order.  How many woman can vouch that it doesn’t easier each year you do it!

3) The Broken Hymen:

Most people consider the hymen as a barrier that needs to be broken the first time sex takes place. Here’s the truth, the hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the vaginal opening. There are different types of hymen though, the most common is shaped like the half moon still leaving  most of the vaginal opening uncovered. Sexual intercourse stretches the hymen, as against being ‘broken’ like everyone thinks. If torn, it can heal itself. It never really goes away; which debunks  it as an indicator of virginity (especially when I have known individuals to “break their hymen” horse-back riding or to have had sex and the hymen is still very much intact.)

4) Vaginal Tightness:

Everybody believes this myth and it will probably never go away. The notion that the vagina becomes loose with continuous and frequent use is actually wrong. Try stretching your mouth as far out towards your ears as you can. Your mouth will go back to its size, won’t it? And it wont matter how often you do it. The vagina is surrounded with tightly packed layers of muscle. No matter how vigorous the sex is or how big the penis is, it still goes back to its original size. Childbirth loosens it only a bit but within 6 months and some kegel exercises, it will tighten back to the way it was. The vajayjay was built tough. That’s good news, isn’t it?

There you have it, sexual myths debunked so you can stop worrying and enjoy sex. If you still think his D is small and her V is loose, then you need to spice up your love life with a few-add-ons from our stores!

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