7 Showstoppers. Instant Turn-offs In The Bedroom


Sex is important in every couple’s life.  Honestly, it is an important aspect of every relationship, whether dating, marriage, or friends with benefits.  Why?  For some men, sex occupies a large part of their mind.  While some may laugh, some men truly believe great sex can make a long term relationship happy, healthy, and fulfilling.  He feels that if he and his partner have amazing sex,  his partner will be fulfilled in all aspects of their relationship. He feels stronger and shows some qualities that are considered typical of a man (confidence being the main one).

Sometimes, however, if he believes he hasn’t quite fulfilled his partners needs, it may affect his self-esteem and some men actually do become depressed. In these states, it is important to reassure and be supportive. The point is, in most cases, while women and men have their own personal needs that should be fulfilled in the bedroom and their own “things” that get them fired up, men are more visual creations.  It may take a little more than “Come and Get It!”  Sadly, some woman have no desire to do anything to attract and seduce their man. When this happens, men can get sexually turned off.  Now, woman aren’t the only one that can cancel the festivities.  Men have the capability of putting the brakes on the entire encounter!

So, why is sex so important? Sex is important for that couple who has a lot of stress in their lives.  When we have a lot of pinned up energy and stress, sex helps us produced hormones in our bodies that cause us to relax (we have another blog posts that goes into the details so we won’t waste the space here.)

Well…if sex is so great, why on earth would we be turned off if the opportunity presented itself?  Here are some reasons that turn-off a man:

1)  BAD ATTITUDE: If a woman is a fun character who truly enjoys the moment, the man will feel sexy, confident, and truly aroused. But a rough manner/poor attitude reduces the man’s interest.

2) BAD HYGIENE: Girls should keep their vaginal area clean, especially if oral sex is expected. As disgusting as it sounds, our private areas will begin to smell if we do not exercise proper hygiene and that could be a huge turn-off.

3)  LOSS OF ATTENTION: Don’t say something that is not related to sex during sex. The fact that he needs to get milk from the store can wait!

4)  CLINGY:  If a woman is clingy (we’ve got a stage 5 clinger), it means that she has become a little too attached to her partner, which may give the impression that she depends on him too much.

5) BORING SEX: If he can walk through the entire event without taking off his shoes, sex has become far too predictable.  Change it up!

6) TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS:  Ladies, leave the lights on!  Your confidence is a huge turn on.  He loves your body as is; otherwise, he wouldn’t be pursuing you.

7) CONTROLLING POWER OF GIRLS DURING SEX TIME: Please don’t just lie there.  For some woman, sex is one-sided. They go into it with a checklist of their needs and once each one is met, they are finished.

Fellas, women have their turn off too!

1)  POOR HYGIENE:  There is nothing worse than B.O during sex!  From armpits to Mr. Stix, keep it clean and practice good hygiene.  She will thank you (in ways you can only image!)

2)  LACK OF ROMANTIC LOVE: Some women don’t want sex like men.  It isn’t just “I’m horny. Let’s screw.”  Keep the romance and intimacy alive!

3)  SAYING EXGIRLFRIEND’S NAME: Don’t make us smack you…

4)  BEING TOO AGGRESSIVE: Make sure your partner likes rough sex as much as you do.  Too much aggression when your partner is more sensual can be a huge turn-off and possibly a relationship killer.

5)  LACK OF CONFIDENCE:  Bring your A-game!  If you show up looking disappointed, she has no reason to stick around.

6)  IMMATURITY: There is a fine line between immature and playful. Learn it, study it, and don’t cross it.

7)  LACK OF EMPATHY:  The biggest turn on for many woman is an emotional connection with their partner.  They want you to feel what they feel.

There are so many more but these are a few to get you started!  Feel free to comment below!


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