Ride Bodyworx Rise Stimulating Gel


Here’s the thing:  Mr. Rose is awesome in every way possible. I adore everything about him. In the bedroom, he’s also undeniably wonderful. He’s attentive, adventurous, a little bit kinky and makes sure I’m satiated. It’s fantastic, but there is one thing that Mr. Rose can’t do and that’s orgasm quickly.  I know, I shouldn’t complain about that.  Other people suffer the complete opposite and I’m sure that is very upsetting and/or frustrating.  The idea of having a quickie though, has become a must have for me.  I want to be able to satisfy my man easily, then I can pretend it was purely my amazing bedroom skills, that produced an almighty, intense and super quick orgasm.

Let me introduce you to Ride Bodyworx Rise Stimulation Gel by Sliquid.  Oh my goodness!  Could this be the answer? Wicked Butterfly very kindly sent this, for free, in exchange for an honest review. I couldn’t wait to try it.



Most people are worried about the ingredients that are used in their personal products and sex toys (and so they should be) but in this instance everything appears to be safe. I did check the brilliant Dangerous Lilly’s lube guide (which also has a list of  ingredients to avoid and recommendations).

The Sliquid website has also stated that all of their products are free from DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphates and they’re 100% Vegan Friendly.

So What Is It?

The Ride Bodyworx Rise Stimulation Gel is a product that should give a “natural and subtle erectile boost”.  It does this by using natural vasodilators which increases the blood flow to the area it’s applied to.  This should also increase sensitivity!

This is not a lubricant.


So What Did I Think?

The bottle is gorgeous!  It’s a beautiful, deep rich blue and the label is a wonderful mix of metallic and black.  It practically screams luxury at you. One major plus for me is how discreet this little bottle is. It can easily be stored with beauty products or hair care products.  The pump action dispenser is incredibly handy.  It provides a good amount per pump. I only used a couple of applications the first time.

The gel itself is clear and not too runny.  It does look very much like a lubricant.  It smells divine.  Mild mint and vanilla, it was gorgeous!  I’ve used this a few times and I always notice how wonderful the combination is: clean, fresh and indulgent.

The instructions say to apply the gel just under the head of the penis and all over the shaft (I really enjoyed that part). It doesn’t take long for the gel to be absorbed into the skin, just a couple of minutes.  Whilst it is being absorbed it does get a little bit sticky but soon this disappears and it leaves the skin soft and smooth.  I can’t honestly say this made a difference to Mr. Rose’s erection.

Mr. Rose described the Ride Bodyworx Rise Stimulation Gel as nice.  Apparently, it felt slightly cooling but other than that, no real difference was noticed.  I have to admit though that on the occasions we’ve used this product, our actual intercourse hasn’t lasted as long.  Mr. Rose has actually had some pretty intense orgasms too with this, so although he says it hasn’t made a difference, I would argue that it has made a subtle difference.

It is recommended, due to the peppermint, that this product not be used during intercourse as it can be too intense.  We use condoms so we did.  I didn’t experience any unusual sensations myself.



Overall this is a lovely product and I think that it does improve sensitivity slightly.  If you’re looking for an obvious, big difference when using this product, I don’t think you’ll find it but this product does have some lovely qualities.


  • The sweet, mild smell
  • The mild tingling sensation
  • The subtle difference in sensitivity
  • The natural ingredients
  • Waterbased


  • I wish it had a more obvious effect
  • Sometimes not sure if it’s made a difference
  • Unless you’re using a condom this shouldn’t be used during intercourse

I’d actually give this a 5/10 rating.  I just wish the effects weren’t so subtle.

Reviewed by: Random Red Rose

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