Moving On – The Best Ways To Handle A Broken Heart


A broken heart is a metaphor for an emotional feeling or pain that one feels at some point in time for some reason.  Yes, we have a tendency to use it casually (I will be heart-broken if they ran out of chicken) but for those who truly experience heart break, it should not be taken lightly.

When we deal with broken heart, we feel a dark cloud hovering above us.  It can even feel like our world has completely stopped rotating, as if we are doomed to live in that exact moment forever.  Our heart breaks can be caused by a variety of experiences (of lack there of): Lack of friendship, breakup of relationship, rejection in job; these are such common issues that can hurt us to our core, altering our perspective on life and those around us. When someone loses his or her loved one, he can’t understand how he can continue another day.   Believe it or not, there are a few tips and methods that can (while not always healing it), ease the pain of a broke heart.

METHOD 1 – Database Wipe

1Make Time For Your Life and Needs Again:  Give yourself the time and space needed to heal, release, and move on with your life.  Allow yourself to truly transition from a we to a me. Focus on your next challenge, endeavor, and mission; redirecting your mind to focus on something positive rather than dwell on the negative. Do things that you love. Teach yourself to love yourself and remind yourself that that love is enough.

2 ) Block Social Media Access and Delete the Phone Number:  How can you move on when you just saw they went to a party last night and had a blast?  What keeps you from calling them when you have had a little too much of the special sauce?  Prevent all forms of communication and just block/delete the number and unfriend them.

3) Regular Exercise and Proper Diet: Exercising regularly allows your brain to produce high levels of serotonin, an antidepressant,; which can significantly improve your mood.  Remember to watch your intake and keep a well balanced diet.  Many of us fall victim to finding happiness in a gallon of ice cream or Family Size bag of Lays.

4) Respect the memories but put them away: In a few years, you will look back fondly on this moment and remember the good as the bad has a tendency to vanish.  Until then, put those memories away.  Store them, seal them, and forget them.  Memories like greetings card, gifts, letters, pictures, etc. need to be put in a memory box and sealed. Again, you can’t move on if you can’t let go.

METHOD 2 – Live and Learn

Some of us don’t want to pretend like it never happened.  We want to learn from it, understand it, and prevent it from happening again.  For those individuals, we present the “Live and Learn” method.

1) Understand the relationship:  Take a moment, step outside of yourself, and truly take a look at the relationship.  Create a freeze frame in your mind, look at it from your perspective, look at it from theirs.  What did you get from being together?  What did they get from being together?  How did you benefit each other, help each other grow?  How did you hinder each other?  Understand, you may never truly know (unless they were kind enough to tell you) why things did not work out but it doesn’t mean you can’t see the signs.  As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Knowing what you know now, if you were to go in reverse, you may find the moment things began to fall apart.

2) Learn from your mistakes: Don’t begin a new rendition of the blame game.  Yes, you could have done this and sure, they could have done that.  What does that do?  How does that prepare you for next time?  Learn from your mistakes, rephrase your approach.  Instead of saying “They could have” or “I should have”, turn it into a lesson. For example, instead of saying “She (or he) should have said something when he (or she) didn’t like my jokes!”  Try saying, “I have learned that not everyone shares my type of humor.  Next time, I know to test the water and read the body language to ensure I am not making my partner uncomfortable.  I could even ask them in a forward manner how they feel about my sense of humor, opening the floor to honest communication.”  A little wordy but you get the point.

3) Forgiveness: One of the most important parts of the healing process. If you want to move on with your life, you need to forgive your partner (and yourself) by thanking the experience for what it has taught you and releasing it.


These are just a few suggestions (feel free to mix and match) to helping you heal a broken heart.  If you have others or know a good resource for someone who is struggling to move forward.  Please feel free to comment.


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