Worst Relationship Tips


We have all had our fair share of bad relationships. Do you ever wish you wouldn’t have taken that terrible relationship advice from those single friends that know nothing about relationships? I know there are many people wishing they wouldn’t have listened to anyone when it came to their personal relationship decisions. Below are few examples of bad relationship tips.

Moving in together

If you aren’t ready to move in together the answer is simple, don’t do it. People get pressured all the time to move in together to save money or see each other more often. The truth is if you don’t know the person as well as you would like and you are moving in together for other reasons than because you want to, than its likely going to end up costing you more money than it would have cost you to live separately. If you rush into moving in together when you want to but too soon, it may cost you your relationship and more moving expenses.

Play Hard to Get

This is probably the dumbest piece of advice of them all. It’s very simple, if you don’t show interest in someone, than they won’t know! People are not interested in someone who is pretending they don’t want them. It is not attractive to waste time and play a cat and mouse game. If you like someone, go for it or someone else will.

Never go to bed angry

This one is 50/50. I know many people who still believe this is good advice and other who agree that is terrible advice. Anger affects people differently and some people just need their time to cool down and half the time when you wake up you don’t even know what you were mad about. If you stay up all night trying to solve your problems you will be tired in the morning and most of the time still mad. I also know other people that have to resolve the issue or it will fester and become 10 times worse as time passes (yes even letting it go overnight unresolved).  I would say this one is completely dependent on the couple.  If you find it better to resolve issues right then and there – go for it. If you find it is better to give each other time to cool off and that seems to be more effective, then do that.

There could be books of all the dumb advice people get for their relationship (wait…there are!). The unfortunate part is that we don’t realize it until the relationship has crashed and we realize we shouldn’t have done some of the things we did. Don’t live your life in regret, but live in the moment. If it feels right do it, if it seems odd, don’t.



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