Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricants

I’ve been a fan of Sliquid ever since I tried my first drop of their H20 lubricant. They are my go-to brand for personal use and I’m yet to find a product of theirs that doesn’t work for me.


I primarily like their products because they’re free from Glycerine, Parabens and Propylene Glycol, which are all ingredients that I like to avoid. They are also 100% vegan friendly, cruelty-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Sliquid lubricants have been formulated with a ladies PH scale in mind, making them some of the healthiest products to use on your intimate areas. They are perfect for sensitive-skinned people like myself and have never caused me or my partner irritation. Organics Silk is a water-based and silicone hybrid formula that has been infused with botanical extracts that help to heal and support the body. It also contains sunflower seed oil, green tea and vitamin E which calm your skin before and after intimacy.

I am incredibly happy with the consistency of this lubricant, as it’s rather thick and rehydrating. My partner is on the large side and this can often cause discomfort for me as I struggle to produce enough natural lubricant, so products like this one are a blessing to us. I don’t find it to be tacky, greasy or sticky in texture, which is good as these are three huge no’s for me. It’s the perfect middle ground between thick and thin and feels slick upon application. It is slightly white in appearance, as I expected, but paler than I thought, which gives the product a more natural look. It’s completely odourless, but as for taste, I can’t vouch for that. I wouldn’t recommend trying it though.

Once applied, I noticed no change in texture and found it remained smooth and slippery throughout use. It’s one of the longer-lasting lubricants I’ve tried and so far I haven’t felt the need to reapply it. I average at about 30 minutes per session and I found that this lubricant still felt fresh after I’d finished most of the time. I imagine if I was to use this during sex where there was frequent changing of positions or it was lasting  longer than usual then I may need to top up once, but that’s much better than having to stop every ten minutes to reapply. This product doesn’t evaporate into the skin like a purely water-based lubricant does, so rinsing/wiping is required to remove the product after use.

Organics Silk only contains 12% of silicone, but this is enough to degrade your silicone toys, so I’d avoid using this lubricant with your favourite Tantus dildo. It can be used with a glass or metal toy however, or for any type of sex. I wouldn’t recommend using it for oral sex, but it is safe to do so if you wish. For us, I found that this lubricant is perfect for PIV sex. It makes things much more comfortable for the both of us by reducing friction and lasting long enough for us to both orgasm.

Overall, I don’t think it beats my beloved H20, despite being slightly thicker and organic, but it’s still a fantastic lubricant and I would use it again. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality, body-safe and chemical-free hybrid lubricant. You truly get what you pay for. There’s not much difference between the Organics Silk and the Naturals Silk, other than the ingredients list and the Naturals being slightly whiter/milkier in appearance. I enjoy both and would recommend both, with the deciding factor being the ingredients you prefer.

Reviewed by: Nat and Tom

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