Pipedream Icicles No. 40 Review


Pipedream Products makes the Icicles line of glass sex toys.  Thanks to Wicked Butterfly I was recently able to test out the Icicles No. 40.  I owned several toys from the Icicles line already. Most of them are abstract in nature, so the realistic aspect of No. 40 is a nice change of pace.  While it doesn’t look exactly like a penis, it is about as realistic as you can expect of a clear glass dildo.

The first thing I noticed about this toy was its packaging.  Just like most of the other Icicles products I’ve received in the past, the No. 40 arrived in a very nice box.  The box has a picture of the product on the front and information about the Icicles line on the back.  It also has a flap on the front with a magnetic closure designed to let you see the actual product that is inside.


Inside the box is the toy itself and the foam insert that keeps it safe and secure.  There is no storage pouch included.  I personally like to keep my Icicles toys in their original boxes since they are so secure and the boxes themselves are visually pleasing.  If space is an issue, I would suggest that you store the toy in a storage bag or pouch to keep it from getting damaged.

Straight out of the box you will notice how smooth the glass is.  Smooth as in not sharp or rough, because this dildo has some heavy duty texture to it.  You will also notice that it is heavy, it has a really nice weight to it (it weighs 14 ounces).  It is smaller than a lot of dildos.  It has a total length of 6” with 5 of those inches being insertable.  It is 1.5” wide giving it a girth of 4.5”.

As I mentioned, the realistic texture on this dildo makes it unique amongst its fellow glass dildos.  There is a fairly pronounced ridge directly below the head.  The vein-like texturing on the sides is raised as well.  At the base of the dildo is a set of testicles that allow the toy to stand independently in all its glory.

pic5 pic6 pic7

There are several advantages to glass sex toys.  Glass is non-porous and hypoallergenic making it a body safe material.  Glass toys are also easy to clean.  A little antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water and you’re done.  You can also place it in the top rack of your dishwasher or clean it with a 10% bleach solution if you are so inclined.  It is compatible with any type of lube you like, just make sure to keep a firm grip as it will become very slippery due to its smooth surface.

When my husband and I began to test out the Icicles No. 40 we were concerned that it might be too small to get the job done.  We were pleasantly surprised and didn’t find it lacking in terms of size at all.  I think that its weight and rigidity tends to make up for its small stature.  It gives a feeling of fullness that is appreciated in any dildo.  I am not one to orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, so adding clitoral stimulation was a must for me.  That being said, it had plenty of thrusting power to accomplish the goal.

If using vaginally, one’s own lubrication may be enough to get things started.  Lube makes a wonderful addition though.  The size of the dildo and the fact that is has a base would make it anal and harness friendly too.  When using it alone I preferred to hold it upside down with the testicles pointing up since it gives better access to use them as a handle of sorts.  In couple play, my husband preferred the traditional position of testicles down for his hand hold while thrusting.  This toy does not have any curvature to it, so g-spot stimulation is not one of its talents.

An added benefit to glass toys is the ability to play around with temperature.  The box gives the user instructions on the best way to heat up or cool down the toy to enhance pleasure.  If enjoying this dildo as a couple, blindfolding the receiver and changing the temperature as a surprise greatly intensifies the sensations.

I recommend the Icicles No. 40 for anyone desiring a nice stiff dildo that is made for thrusting without being too large.  It has a satisfying weight and an unyielding rigidity that makes up for any apparent short comings in its length and girth.  It’s easy to care for and clean and is compatible with any of your favorite lubes, making it an all-around good addition to any toy collection.  If you are strictly looking for size, this is probably not the best match for you. It is not adequate for g-spot or prostate stimulation.  The texture didn’t come through during play, it was a non-factor for me, so if you are looking for intense texture this toy may not live up to your expectations.

A quick note of the safety factors relating to glass sex toys.  All toys are not equal in terms of safety.  I learned a lot from Dangerous Lilly’s blog about how to test your sex toys for stress indicators that may lead to breakage.  I used the method noted in the blog to test the Icicles No. 40.  By using a polarizing camera filter you can see the stress within the toy.  Colors that show up through the filter indicate stress in the glass.  The No. 40 did not show any high levels of stress.  I think this is due to its thick, straight structure.  I tested another glass toy for comparison and you can see the colors in it signaling stress.  Always inspect your glass toys for chips or cracks and store them safely to avoid breaks.

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