Tantus Tsunami: A Wave of Pleasure!

I am very excited to be a reviewer for Wicked Butterfly! Just a quick introduction, I am a male blogger and reviewer who has made better sex a priority in my marriage and part of that has been through introducing sex toys into our lives.  I have not had a chance to review anything from Tantus yet so I had a big smile on my face when I saw that Wicked Butterfly had chosen the Tantus Tsunami for my first review! We have used a couple of other dildos in the past, but this is our first one that contained a vibrator insertion in it!


Tantus is considered a great company in the sex toy community as they have a high commitment to quality and safe materials for their customers.  I won’t review a product if a company doesn’t believe in either of those core values.  Please make sure you are buying toys that are made of materials that are proven to be safe and watch out for imitators! That is also why I only work with retailers that also stand behind a high quality and safe product.  The Tantus Tsunami is made of 100% silicone.  That translates to nonporous phthalate free and waterproof.  The Tsunami is safe to put in all your favorite places! Also, please use water based lubrication will ALL silicone toys as a silicone based lube can damage the integrity of the silicone on the toy.  It’s science!


The Tsunami is available in 3 colors, Pink, Purple, and Dark Purple.  We chose the pink option.  It is 6.75 long, but it seems closer to 8 inches with the curve.  The girth is 4 inches at the tip and is closer to 5 inches at the base so it will slowly feel bigger as it is inserted.  Tsunami also contains waves down the shaft and a curve for G-Spot stimulation.  My wife really enjoys the waves and graduated girth on dildos! It also contains a bullet vibe for additional pleasure! A quick note, the bullet vibe has a guard on the inside that must be removed before activation to create the electric connection between the battery and the vibe.  The hole for the vibe is quite tight and I wouldn’t put it in all the way as the vibe is tough to remove as well.  You may consider using a drop of lube to help with the insertion and removal of the bullet vibe.  The Tsunami is also suction cup and harness compatible for all the strap on enthusiast out there.  Please properly clean the Tsunami after you are finished.  This can be done by removing the vibe and using hot soapy water, place it in the dishwasher, boil it, bleach it, whatever it takes to clean up after a hot night of dirty dirty sex or solo play!


When we used the Tsunami, I was surprised that it was so big! I would say I’m not that off from 6.75 inches but the curvature definitely adds to the size! I knew my wife could take it from past experience.  After some foreplay I applied some lube onto the Tsunami and her.  She let out some moans as I inserted it and each wave slid into her.  She loved it as a regular dildo and it did a nice job hitting her G-Spot as I slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in.  She felt really great and then I turned on the vibrator! Instead of her eyes opening wide, they closed even tighter! This being our first vibrating dildo, it was a new experience for her and she loved it! The Tsunami was a little long for her (she is more of a girth than length girl) but it was easy enough to hold back the entire length.  If you or your partner is a real power queen, you may want to use your own favorite bullet vibe instead of the vibe provided.  The We-Vibe Tango comes to mind, to provide more power if you are really craving more vibrations with the Tsunami.  My favorite part was watching her use the Tsunami solo after I got her accustomed to it! I would say the Tantus Tsunami is a big splash in our life and it will become our go-to dildo for now.

Review Written by: A Husband’s Passion


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