Lady Love

This true to life story was provided by Kitty (  Due to the nature, we had to cut out some of the good parts (we can’t have WordPress flagging us but man were they juicy!); therefore, we have provided what we can but invite you read it in its entirety at here.  Enjoy!


Come back to me Gongyla, here tonight. You, my rose, with your Lydian lyre.
There hovers forever around you delight: A beauty desired.


Oh ladies,

I told you there was something irresistible about you all. I have a crush. Oh my goodness, do I ever have a crush! Before I go off track, I fall in love all the time. I am aware. The romance of a first kiss is never lost on me, hard or soft, long or slow. The challenge in flirtation is my very favourite. I love love. I love kissing, I love getting to know someones quirks. I love a challenge. I do, I love it all, but a girl crush is something else entirely. A lady is sensual, a lady is soft, a lady is honest, for she cannot keep her secrets from being revealed in her eyes. A lady is a lady.

After many a month of flirtatious texts, some sincere, some cheeky, a photo or two… (I’m sorry, but my boobs are great, I am sharing them), and a yearning that grew stronger each day, it was finally time to meet my girl. Now, I’m not foolish ever. Even for her, we must always be safe when meeting new people. I have a hotel booked, we are meeting in a public place, and I am bringing my favourite guy, as is she. A lady must have an escort😉 I always take a screen shot of the phone number and picture of whom I am meeting, just in case, you know, they are crazy, which of course opens doors for my inner circle to wonder if its time for an intervention yet. Not yet. Soon, but not yet.

What I love most about her, is her honesty as to what she wants. She wants to feel what it is like to be loved by a woman, because we are so very different!

So the time came to meet, and my nerves were electric! I’m not going to lie, I may have required some liquid courage. I may have consumed a few ounces of liquid courage. I have spoken to this woman daily, seen her picture, heard her intimate secrets and desires, but to now be faced with a physical meeting of a goddess of a woman who shares my innermost desires is not only nerve wracking, but so self revealing. What if physically, I don’t like her, what if she doesn’t like me. What if what if what if. Men do not make me this nervous. A man is easy, actually. They want the simplest things life has to offer, good sex, good food, easy conversation, a bit of priming and pampering, and he is putty. Yes, I know, there are men who love depth, intelligence, thick thighs…, there is always an exception to every rule, but lets keep this simple for today shall we? For today, it is simply not the point. today it is about a lady. For me, the cosmic connection is so much stronger then a physical attraction. I need to feel a draw, I need to sense a yearning, I need the magnetic force of energy between us. I don’t care if your eyes are blue or brown, of you’re short or tall, blonde or brunette, I need a connection that cannot be described physically. I need to be drawn in.

Upon meeting, it was there, and it was blaring. The first eye contact said it all. We met for drinks, but they were a mere formality. I wanted this woman, and she was not shy about wanting me back. Cocktails were consumed, flirtatious chit chat was bantered, but there was one constant distraction blaring over everything else. Her lips, what do they taste like? Is her touch as soft as I imagine? How does she smell so soft and irresistible at the same time. Are we going to be able to hold these beautiful male suitors back long enough to enjoy each other?

After excusing myself to visit the ladies room, I return to the bill having been paid, and an entourage to the elevator. It is hard to keep the composure of a lady when your senses are being electrified with every step. So slowly the elevator seems to climb 2 floors. The stairs would have been so much faster, but the electric friction is somewhat a dangerous fire hazard at this point. Upon entering the room, I am actually almost afraid our gentlemen suitors may begin jumping on the bed. I had previously asked my favourite guy if this was as exciting as Christmas for him, to which he exclaimed ’This is bigger then Christmas!’ Since there is such limited seating in a standard hotel room, we make ourselves as ladylike comfortable as we can on one of the beds. This of course means sprawled out tantalizingly close, close but not on top of each other, extremely conscious of every single breathe, but both nervous to make the first move. It isn’t even her I’m nervous of, physically or mentally, I am shockingly, even to me, extremely comfortable with her, and my attraction to her. It is the audience of drooling testosterone that reminds me, that not every angle is my finest, but is about to be revealed.

I am so very good at playing coy. I can easily look up through my eyelashes, bite my lip and take one dramatic breathe. I can act sweet and innocent if that is what you like. It may be my best flirtatious angle, but at this point, why bother (I am not innocent). This is why we are here. I excuse myself for another moment to breathe. To take it in, to come back out to a beautiful woman waiting for me at the door and this is where it begins. This is where we are able to sneak in our first kiss. It is soft, it is slow, it is hungry, and it is perfect. Then my hands are on her, and hers are on me. From here, the details do become blurry, and really a lady shouldn’t kiss and tell, but… I can tell you I do remember her coming out in beautiful lingerie and thigh high stockings that can only be compared to old Hollywood beauty. I do not know where I lost my own dress, but I did find it tossed aside in the morning. I can tell you that there were limbs intertwined in every imaginable twist, and lips upon lips upon lips. I can tell you that she tasted like a sweet subtle honey. I can tell you that I drank from her lips and kissed her everywhere, that we shared our lovers, in an erotic fantasy that will only make you squirm in envy. I can tell you that there is a different trust between two women, our souls speak differently, it truly is intimacy on a different level. I like the slowness of her caress, the curiosity to her touch, and the gratitude in her moan. The way the curve of her neck softened under a kiss is incomparable to any other feeling. That is what I can tell you.

Oh, and lastly, oh yes, I would do it again.


Written by: Kitty


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