Enjoying my Njoy Pure Plug

Amazing quality, beautifully crafted, perfection in design – just a few ways to describe the heavenly plug known as Njoy Pure.

I will admit, I was a little hesitant when my husband brought the small plug into the bedroom.  For one, when you look at it initially – it looks like it belongs on an operating prep table!  The stainless steel design gives the initial impression of a cold, uninteresting, mechanical experience.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.



Again, the weighty plug is superior medical stainless steel unlike many of our plugs that vary in color, size, and design (we have a chest full of glass, rubber, ceramic, plastic – you name it!)  Njoy counters this initial appeal with a gorgeous box.  When opening it for the first time, you will feel as if you are being presented with a gift crafted by Sexual Royalty!  It is simply gorgeous.  Some would say it look like a work of art!  I had this experience when he gave me the Medium as an Anniversary gift!

Size: My husband purchased the Small (2.25” x 1.0 “ – 5oz) and while I did climax from it (and a few other things), I believe he had to put in more effort than he would have needed with a Medium (2.5” x 1.25” – 7oz).  Bless those who can handle the Large and Extra Large – you are way out of my league.

Usage: Njoy suggests the item is perfect for simple play or all day stimulation.  I tried both!  As I said before, for simple play – the Medium was much more effective; however, for all day wear – I definitely preferred the Small.  With the Medium, I was barely able to concentrate – it kept me on the brink all day until my husband could finish the job when I got home.  With the Small, I was able to enjoy the stimulation but still function.  The handle for the Medium and Large is a design marvel.  One of the chief complaints I have had in the past is the discomfort of the handle or the fear that it would come out at the worst time (nothing like riding the subway in a skirt with no panties and explaining what just feel on the floor).  For those just starting (the vanillas turned beginners) – stick with the small.  For the more intermediate anal play connoisseurs – the medium would be more your speed.  The stimulation from the initial stretch upon insertion will remove any doubt that this is the plug for you!

Overall: I would highly recommend the Njoy Pure Plug.  Some have complained that it just wasn’t long enough to tickle their fancy (if you catch my drift) during wear.  Others have stated rocking on it is an experience out of this world (I can conquer – put on your favorite song and rock to the beat.  Consider your mind – blown!)

All in all – one of my new favorite toys and definitely one of my new favorite brands.  Will be checking out the rest of the line very soon!

Review Written by: Deep Divaz

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  1. Nice review. One of my favorites as well.


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