June Lingerie Highlight: G World Intimates


Step into a world of seduction, lace, temptation, and color.  That is what comes to mind when talking about G World Intimates.  Their exquisite collection for all sizes will make your lingerie drawer explode with excitement.

Find yourself a little bashful and would rather dip your toe in the idea of being sensual instead of going all in?  Try a few of these favorites:

Sheer Seductive Dress: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/sheer-seductive-dress-wlace-trim-amp-peek-a-boo-ribbon-amp-thong-grape-os


Deep V-neckline, High Slit, Open Back Gown: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/deep-v-neckline-high-slit-sides-open-back-gown-amp-lace-thong-blackgold-os

Long Butterfly Sheer Gown: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/long-butterfly-sheer-gown-w-open-strappy-back-and-garter-black-o-s


Ready to let that smitten kitten purr just a little louder than normal, set your eyes on these:

Sheer & Lace Gownhttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/sheer-and-lace-gown-w-wired-cups-and-thong-black-o-s

Parisian Lady Babydoll: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/parisien-lady-babydoll-w-wired-cups-and-thong-black-o-s


Darling Sheer lace Babydoll: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/darling-sheer-lace-babydoll-w-stockings-and-garter-panty-pink-o-s

Sheer Dress w/Suspenders: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/sheer-dress-wsuspenders-front-detail-attached-garters-built-in-thong-amp-stockings-black-o


Are you a bride to be?  Turn up the heat during your honeymoon with these little numbers (who says you only need to buy one – make it a fashion show!):

Sheer Seductive Dress Sethttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/sheer-seductive-dress-amp-hiphugger-panty-white-os

Babydoll Ribbon Deluxe Sethttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/babydoll-w-wired-cups-and-lace-and-ribbon-deluxe-pearl-o-s


Garter Corset Sethttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/garter-corset-w-laced-cups-and-laced-hiphugger-panty-and-stockings-white-o-s

Is the idea of modesty already three sheets to the wind and you are ready and waiting to unleash the smoking hot temptress within?  You will love these!

Cut Out Teddy w/Dazzling Strapshttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/cut-out-teddy-wdazzling-straps-amp-contrasting-lace-blackred-os


Secret Lover Lingerie Sethttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/secret-lover-lingerie-set-w-open-back-garter-panty-necklace-wrist-chains-and-stockings-red-o-s

Lacy Bra and Thong Sethttp://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/lacy-bra-w-wired-cups-w-strappy-detail-thong-gloves-and-leg-garters-azure-o-s


For our voluptuous queens, our curvy divas – G World Intimate shows love and appreciate for you as well.  These are just a few of the many items they have available that will make jaws drop and drool flow:

Fully Laced Teddy w/Heart Charms: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/fully-laced-teddy-w-heart-charms-red-1x-2x

Flyaway Mini Dress: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/flyaway-mini-dress-wmatching-thong-amp-leg-garters-red-1x2x


Sheer Dress w/Double Waist Straps: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/sheer-dress-w-double-waist-straps-and-garter-around-thigh-black-1x-2x

Sheer Seductive Dress & Hiphugger Panty Set: http://lingerie.wicked-butterfly.com/sheer-seductive-dress-amp-hiphugger-panty-blackpink-1x2x


Find these items and more checking out G World Intimates today. Click here to start browsing!

About Wicked Butterfly

At the Wicked Butterfly, our goal is to intrigue, entice, seduce, and conquer the needs and wants of our clients. From Lingerie to Adult - we cover every base needed to guarantee a home run evening! We carry thousands of items in our store and are constantly adding to our collection. Browse our catalog, visit us on the web, like us, follow us, share us - we don't mind. We hope to always be your "go to" for any and all desires imagined.

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