Help! I need to buy Lingerie. Where do I start?


Hey! Ever want to buy lingerie for your special woman but have no idea where to start? Stop worrying – we are here to help. Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t mind wearing lingerie for you and it is even more pleasing when it is comfortable or doesn’t have to be returned for a different size. 

How do you buy lingerie? Here’s how:

1) Get her size! Seems like a no brainer but had to be said. If you don’t want to do the simple thing and ask – no problem, open her bra and panty drawer – this will give you all the information you need. Most (if not all) online lingerie retails – such as – have a size chart that is based on her cup size (bra size). This will save you time, money, and shopping ease instead of wasting gas driving to a mall lingerie store, walking up to the clerk, putting your hands at an uncomfortable level and “she is about this big” or “she looks like you”.

2) What do you want her to accentuate? Does she have a great butt, nice legs, a gorgeous rake, the perfect stomach, or the whole package?

a. Great butt – go with an open-back pair of panties such as a cut-out back , a pair of panties that pronounce her rear assets such as atanga or boyshorts, or a gorgeous teddy with a cut-out back .

b. Legs that go on for days – go with something short! A matching set with a mini skirt , a chemise, or a Babydoll .

c. Nice rake – stick with something sheer that creates a peek-a-boo effect, such as a sheer teddy.

d. A gorgeous stomach – any matching set that covers the top and bottom but shows off that belly will do the trick.

e. If she has the whole package – go with a criss-cross teddy that flaunts every curve, every area, but still hides it until the time is right.

3) Think about wearing lingerie from her point of view. If she is a little self-conscious about certain part of her body, be considerate when picking out lingerie. If she loves her large chest but hates that she doesn’t have much of a butt – find items that will flatter her breast, such as an underbust corset (don’t forget the pasties),open-cup bra set, or chemise with an underwire . If she is uncomfortable that she has a small chest but has a rocking butt, look for a sheer or lace camisole with molded cups or Babydoll.

4) Ask for help! We know it may be embarrassing to walk up to a store clerk and ask about lingerie. Welcome to the world of online shopping. Find the contact us page and start typing. Ask as many questions as needed to get suggestions on the best items for you. Have an idea in your mind but don’t know where to start (such as a costume or a particular fantasy), let them know and they will point you in the right direction.

Happy Shopping!!


About Wicked Butterfly

At the Wicked Butterfly, our goal is to intrigue, entice, seduce, and conquer the needs and wants of our clients. From Lingerie to Adult - we cover every base needed to guarantee a home run evening! We carry thousands of items in our store and are constantly adding to our collection. Browse our catalog, visit us on the web, like us, follow us, share us - we don't mind. We hope to always be your "go to" for any and all desires imagined.

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