Need Spice in Your Life? How About an Adult Game!


Who said intimacy had to be boring and super serious? Oftentimes, people get caught up in the same old, monotonous sex routine, which takes the fun out of it. I mean sex is supposed to be a good time after all, right? Of course, you can always throw on some hot and sexy lingerie or you can incorporate some fun and pleasurable adult toys, but that doesn’t have to be where it ends with the excitement. Another great way to bring some fun into your bedroom is to introduce a sexy little game for you and your partner to play.

There are tons of sexy games to play in the bedroom, its just a matter of what works for you. Whether you are the shy and submissive type or the aggressive and kinky type, you can use sex games to put a spark back into your sex life. I personally like the idea of games because it can help you and your partner loosen up and enjoy each other’s company. Not only is it fun, but they’re a great way to add in more foreplay if you happen to be lacking in that area. Or maybe you’re just too afraid to ask for something new, so what better way to introduce something new than to play a game?

If you do happen to be lacking in the foreplay department, a great game to consider adding to your bedroom would be Evolved: Wheels of Desire Spinning Game . This game will allow you and your partner to take a spin on trying something new to turn your sex life up a notch!

Another great game to play is Bound by Love .  Say, for instance, you’re not one to experiment much with being tied-up, spanked or blindfolded, but you have always been interested in it. This game is the perfect way to say, “Hey, lets try bondage tonight?” By introducing the game, it’s the perfect way to let your partner know that you’re into some playful bondage without coming on too strong or having to say it outright.

If you are more on the sensual side and still want to incorporate a fun adult game,  Rose Petals Seduction is yet another game that you can use to introduce a bit more spiciness into the bedroom.

The bottom line is intimacy should be fun, not boring! It’s so easy to become so wrapped up in a repetitive sex routine, that you and your partner can lose sight of what’s most important in intimacy: Pleasure and (most of all) fun! It’s understandable that asking your partner to bring in new things or expressing your sexual desires and fantasies can be a bit nerve-wrecking and sometimes even a little awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. Never let fear get in the way of letting your significant other know how to please you. Adult games can be a subtle, yet obvious way to let your special one know what you’re into and it’s fun and exciting. So the next time you’re feeling a little frisky and fun, bring in a game and let the good times roll!

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