Bring your Fantasy to Life – Your own 50 Shades of Grey moment


You read 50 Shades of Grey and you loved it. The intensity of the book. You loved how the couple was so okay with incorporating toys in the bedroom. So, we decided to come up with a collection that will bring your fantasy to life!

As a couple, it can be intimidating introducing new toys to your love life. Especially, if you tell your partner you want to go 50 Shades of Grey. If they’ve heard the hype, they’re going to be expecting a hidden room filled with some questionable items—and that can be scary!

But not to worry, if you’re curious about livening up your sex life but you don’t want to scare your partner away with getting too freaky. We have created a list of 5 orgasm-arific items that anyone can easily incorporate without getting too risqué.
#1 Entice- Tiered Intimate Clamps
Buy a little something, something for yourself. These tiered nipple clamps look luxurious giving you a sexy kind of confidence. Mention casually to your partner that you’ve been eyeing them for quite some time and you’re curious about trying them out. After you purchase them, ask your partner if you can try it out in your next steamy scene.
#2 Grey Shadows Benoit Balls
You don’t necessarily need toys during sex, you can use these benoit balls before you get steamy! These balls are like the ones described in the book. What do they do for you? More intense orgasms. Who doesn’t want those? And, as a bonus, your partner will think they’re doing a super good job which will turn them on even more!
#3 Onyx Leather Blindfold
Heighten your senses by wearing this blindfold. This allows you to focus solely on the pleasure being given to you by your partner. Your heightened sense of awareness leads to more intense orgasms and higher level of creativity. It’s also sexy to show someone you trust them by blindfolding yourself!
#4 Climax Silicone Vibrating Love Bullet- Orange Pop
Ask your partner if they would be willing to give this a try. This little tool has lots of applications. It’s not as intrusive as a dildo so your partner won’t think it’s doing their job for them. You can have your partner run it over your nipples or your clit for a toe curling orgasm. You can use it for the whole steamy session!
#5 Bondage Buddy
Ask your partner if they’re willing to get out of their comfort zone to get a lil’ kinky. Use the Bondage Buddy to tie up your wrists and feet into flattering positions that your partner will not be able to resist! There’s something sexy in trust, isn’t there? Your partner will go crazy for this!

Once you break the ice, with one of the toys above, you and your partner will be much more willing to explore other naughty options and devices. Everyone is capable of having a 50 Shades of Grey moment.

About Wicked Butterfly

At the Wicked Butterfly, our goal is to intrigue, entice, seduce, and conquer the needs and wants of our clients. From Lingerie to Adult - we cover every base needed to guarantee a home run evening! We carry thousands of items in our store and are constantly adding to our collection. Browse our catalog, visit us on the web, like us, follow us, share us - we don't mind. We hope to always be your "go to" for any and all desires imagined.

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