How To Properly Care for Lingerie


You purchase your lingerie, wear it, and throw it in the lingerie, right?  Wrong!  Well…not really wrong but definitely not preferred.  To make it last, lingerie has to be taken care of in a certain way.

Our special “undergarments” are not cheap, in fact – for something that people barely see – they are down right expensive!  That is why we have to make them last.  Proper care, appropriate detergents, and just a little extra time can help prevent a drawer of panties with holes and bras with wires poking out (you know the one I’m talking about!)

Your favorite clothing items might be the ones that only your special someone sees – the ones that you put on because you want to have a great week after a long day. Maybe it is a babydoll and thong set, or a bra, garter skirt and G-string. Regardless of whether it’s a crop top or a cami, your lingerie requires special maintenance. Read this guide to learn how to take care of your lingerie – so the good times last.

First and foremost, consult the care label! The manufacturer of your product will provide key information about the fabric type, washing and drying instructions.

For your most special items, take the time to hand wash them. First, fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a gentle hand washing detergent. Mix the detergent carefully and evenly. Avoid Woolite on your stretchier garments, because it can deteriorate elastic. Remember – the basic rules of laundry separation apply here. Do not mix dark and light items. Soak the lingerie for up to 30 minutes, periodically rubbing the fabric together gentle to remove dirt. Do not squash any of the padding down. Rinse it in cool water to remove dirt and detergent until the water runs clear. When rinsing, you can add some white vinegar to remove any soap residue. Remove rings from your fingers and be careful that your nails do not snag the fabric. Then, lay it flat on a tower, lay another towel over it, and press it to remove excess moisture. Hang dry. Most panties should be washed by hand.

If the manufacturer’s instructions permit washing a bra, certain precautions can help preserve it. To machine wash, use a fine-mesh lingerie bag. Using a special bra bag can help your bras maintain their shape. When you place the bras in the bag, hook all the straps so they do not get caught. Use the washer on gentle cycle. Wash your lingerie in very small loads with few other clothes. Jeans and towels in particular are known to negatively affect the appearance of lingerie. Use a liquid, very mild detergent approved for use on delicates, and warm or cool water. Pat dry with a towel and hang on a drying rack.

Whether washing by hand or in a machine, you can pre-treat stains. If there are stains, apply a delicate treatment and allow the garments to soak for a few minutes.

Never put lingerie in the dryer, as the heat can deteriorate its elastic.

Store your lingerie gently – rather than shoving them in a drawer – to preserve their shape. However, say away from bleach. This is too harsh for your most delicate and special items.

These instructions apply to most fabrics. However, silk and rayon require special care. Most rayon garments should be professionally dry cleaned, and silk should always be professionally dry cleaned.

Some careful care will help preserve your best times!

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