Taking Care of Your Pleasurable Investments


You’ve spent all that money on a new swing, chair, toy, pleasure tool.  You use it, you LOVE it, then you simply toss it aside until you are ready to use it again.  Um…no – you do remember where that has just been and/or what you just did with it, right?

Just like the silverware that you use to eat, the bed that you sleep in, and the clothes that you wear; toys need to be cleaned and properly maintained or else they break down, fall apart, or are just unhealthy to use.

Something that often gets overlooked when it comes to adult toys is how to properly care for them. You wouldn’t choose a pair of dirty underwear over a clean pair would you? Using improperly cleaned sex toys can be compared to wearing dirty underwear with an increased chance of infection or illness and sanitation issues. Here are some tips on how to properly take care of your adult toys to keep them clean and make them last.

First, always wash your toys before and after each use. When you purchase a new toy read the package and instructions insert, it contains valuable information about how to use and care for your toys and what cleansers are safe to use with it. Many soaps can be too harsh for use on adult toys and can leave a residue which when used on sensitive skin and areas of the body could lead to rash or infection. Cleansers, like the JO Toy Cleaner is unscented and formulated with antibacterial ingredients to sanitize but still be gentle enough not to harm the sensitive outer exterior of your toys and is hypoallergenic. Make sure to remove the batteries before washing and dry thoroughly when finished.

Also included in your toy’s instructions is what kind of lubricant is safe to use with it. Silicone-based lubricants will damage silicone toys and toys made with realistic skins like Cyberskin. Massage oils are also not recommended to use with many toys. Water based lubricants like Aqua Sensitive are recommended for most toys, are easy to clean up and typically don’t react with the material of the toy. Again, check with the instructions provided with your toy before applying any lubricants or oils to it.

Do not use the same toy for vaginal and anal sex, and never share your toys with someone else, even your spouse. In order for many adult toys to have a soft, realistic feel they materials they are made of are semi-porous, which can make it difficult to thoroughly sanitize. Once you use a toy for anal play don’t plan to use it anywhere else, no matter how much you clean it. There is bacteria in that area you really do not want to introduce to other parts of your body. Its a great practice to have toys reserved specifically for anal play.

Finally, store your toys in a cool, dry place. Having a discreet place to store your toys like the Lockable Vibrator Case ensures your toys are in a secure, dry place and no nosey roommates or guests can stumble upon them. Make sure your toys are completely dry before putting them away without the batteries inside. Its a great practice if you have multiple toys to place them in individual bags with the batteries separate. Before you put your male masturbator toys away don’t forget to dry well and give them a quick dusting of powder like Stroker Rejuvenating Powder to help the material keep its realistic feel. Make sure to get the inside as well as the outside and wrap it in a clean cloth before you store it away to help keep dust and other particles from clinging to the surface.


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