Unleash Your Temptress


We LOVE fantasies.  We love hearing about them (which reminds me – we really need to have a contest about that – prize will more than likely be a gift card of $100 or more…stay tuned to that one).  Fantasies allow us to set our inhibitions aside and explore what we have only dreamed.

What is your wildest fantasy?  Come on…you can tell us.  Now – how do you get someone to help make it a reality?  What would you need to do to set the scene, get your partner (or partners) on board, and ensure it is everything you ever desired?

When it comes to intimacy, there is no rule for it. You could indulge with your partner in any way possible as long as you both feel loved, heard, and each of your desires are respected.

Tempting role-play apparels to animate your erotic fantasies

You can find tons of ways to create that perfect moment for each other. And, role-play is one of them. Do note that this act does not have a limit to it. You could enjoy it with mere words or let your imagination run wild by making it as real as possible. If you choose the latter, then costumes, lingerie and other kinky stuff are perfect for you.

Staging a scene to spice up your love life:

The beauty of role-play is that it gets more exciting as you peel through those layers to get into more intimate acts. Using props with costumes is just one part of the act. Not to mention, actual acting by both partners makes you get close to each other like never before. If you are trying it the first time, it is possible that you may feel strange. Don’t worry, it is pretty normal to feel weird the first time you try it out. But, soon you enjoy it and also find that this is what you always wanted. A feeling of passionate love with bizarre fantasies like never before. You feel a need to be a part of this play where you both are completely different people ready to have the most erotic moment of your life. And, the best thing about it is that there are so many stories to participate in through love, comfort, and wild fantasies.

Plan it to enjoy it more:

While surprising your partner with such an act would be tempting, preparing such a lovemaking session in advance is equally fruitful. This is because you can discuss freely with your partner beforehand about what fantasies he or she loves. How would they want to proceed in this little erotic play? Be a waitress, a nurse; or if you are a guy then be a fireman, or a delivery boy; there are so many fantasies to choose from. Think of it as a movie where a love scene is to be filmed. Get all the necessary props with the apparels you are planning for this plan to work out. And, when it all is ready, just let yourself loose. Bring out that lustful temptation in you which was craving for the touch of your partner at a whole different level.

Feel the love genuinely:

After your little act of passion and eroticism is over, you will find that you both are more into each other than before. Thanks to your little secrets that have just been revealed in front of each other, it will make you be more true to each other. There will be more intimate moments coming up in the future and the best part is that


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